Sunday, November 13, 2011

Pleasure and Bliss

Pleasure, people and animals all seek it, our bodies and minds crave pleasure and society demands pleasure, instant self gratifying pleasure.  Pleasure induces happiness, entertainment, enjoyment, ecstasy, euphoria and bliss.  Pleasure drives us to avoid situations causing pain in the past.  Everyone's definition of pleasure is unique to them and individuals will experience different kinds or amounts of pleasure in the same circumstance.

Pleasure drives us to eat, drink, have sex, watch TV/movies, spend time with friends, take drugs, make money and many other things good or bad.  All of these things in the right place and time are good but pleasure can drive us to addiction, this is when pleasure can turn into pain and suffering.

Pleasure has become the god of choice in western society.  Motivations and choices are all driven by pleasure.  Advertisements tell us how good products are and how much pleasure they will bring to our lives.  Pleasure is good for you seek more of it we constantly told but this is not bliss.

Bliss can also be a source of pleasure, a pleasurable experience can induce a blissful, ecstatic state but true bliss goes beyond pleasure and changes our lives, our world view.  True bliss is a spiritual experience and opens us up to the highest state of consciousness.  A blissful experience brings us into true consciousness where we come into oneness.  We realize there is no attachment to any thought, idea or thing but everything is one and we are intimately connected to everything and everyone, there is no you and I there is only us and we are all part of the One, we are wholeness, pure bliss consciousness.

In bliss consciousness we reach a state of deep knowing, all is one and oneness is the core foundation of every being, everything and every atom.  This experience revolutionizes us forever and calls us to live bliss, be bliss, teach bliss, showing others the truth of oneness, of bliss consciousness.  We are simply accessing out most natural innermost spiritual essence an essence witch suffers long and is kind, this essence does not envy, and does not showboat, and this essence is not puffed up but it bears all, believes all, hopes all and endures all.  Once we have know bliss consciousness, we mist trust each moment and experience to bring us closer to bliss, to bring us deeper into Divine oneness.