Wednesday, September 17, 2014

18 Uses for Young Living's Frankincense Oil

Frankincense is an amazing oil that has many medicinal healing properties. Everyone should always have a bottle of Young Living's Frankincense oil on hand. Not only does Frankincense oil have physical healing properties but the oil also has abundant spiritual uses for prayer and meditation, helping to create deeper states of peace, compassion and love in our bodies and minds when the oil is used on a daily basis.

Here are 18 of the most common uses for Frankincense oil:

  • Mood uplifting when worn like a perfume.
  • Stress relief just apply a drop or two to the temples
  • Promote healing of the skin and reduce wrinkles
  • Reduce or eliminate scars on the body
  • Relieve those annoying itches, apply directly to the itch
  • Reduce or eliminate pain, very good for arthritis pain and inflammation
  • Disinfect a cut or scrape, apply to the wound
  • Eliminate warts, apply directly to the wart
  • Reduce or eliminate inflammation, take internally or apply topically to the area
  • Strengthen the immune system, take in a capsule daily 
  • Great for pregnancy and labor, apply to lower back for pain relief and to calm 
  • Reduce swelling and promote healing of insect bites
  • Enhance vision, apply to the area around the eyes
  • Improve concentration apply to the back of the neck
  • Reduce or eliminate brittle nails, apply directly to the nail bed
  • Reduce or eliminate cysts, apply directly to the area or take internally
  • Overall improved health, take one drop a day in a teaspoon of honey or almond milk
  • Fight cancer and win, the oil is anti-tumoral, take internally or apply directly to the tumor

Give frankincense a try and see how much the oil can bring life enhancing and changing benefits to everyday activities.

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Friday, September 12, 2014

Microscopic Healers

Essential oils are the most powerful substance a plant produces. Plants create essential oils to promote health and safety. When a plant has a predator, is injured or feels under threat essential oils are produced. They are the health and well-being agent for all plants on Earth. Not all essential oils on the market are equal. They might not be created from plants, they are man made. They might be diluted and of lesser quality. When buying essential oils, read the label, make sure what you are getting is pure therapeutic and medicinal grade essential oil.

Since you will be using the essential oil on your body, taking them internally, or inhaling the oil. Knowing what is in the essential oil you are purchasing is very important. If the label says you cannot take an essential oil internally or put on your skin do not buy it. All of Young Livings essential oils can be used almost anyway you can think of. They can be taken internally, inhaled, and put on the skin. If you do not know where to put an essential oil start with the feet, arms or on the neck. 

Oils can be applied as often as every 10 to 20 minutes. Depending on the problem application in 15 minute incriminates will keep the level of essential oils very high in the blood. Keeping the level of essential oil high in the blood will promote healing at a faster pace. Always do your research and find out the best method for using essential oils if you are able but any essential oil is better than none. Use what you have on hand if you do not have the specific oils for a condition. Amazing things will happen when you make essential oils a part of your life. 

Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Like anyone I do not like to be disappointed. The feeling is not pleasant and can lead to any number of other  uncomfortable feelings and emotions. Disappointment can lead to anger, hurt, and sadness. Learning to not attach an outcome to any giving action or situation is one of the best ways to leave disappointment behind forever. The problem is how do I learn to not attach an outcome to my thoughts and actions?

Learning to bounce back and let the disappointment go is key. When I realize I have attached an outcome to an event or action I have taken, I try and clear my mind of any desire for a specific out come and say to myself let what will be, be. I still have not been one hundred percent successful, I am human after all. Learning non attachment has helped me to limit my times of disappointment.

The other problem with disappointment is looking back. I want my focus to be on the road ahead and when I let disappointment drag me down and think about what could have been. I am using my precious life energy on something that I had dreamed up but is not real. I might have placed an expectation for a great outcome to an event to only be disappointed. Then I spend time thinking about what could have been. Letting go, not looking back will also help to keep disappointment to a minimum. Look at the road ahead, focus your energy on the present moment and disappointment will disappear.