Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Restorative Yoga a Practice for Everyone

Anyone can start a restorative yoga practice. Restorative yoga is a gentle type of yoga and can be practiced by anyone in almost any place. Advanced yoga practitioners to beginners can use restorative yoga. The practice helps to improve flexibility, musculoskeletal, restore emotional balance, and helps to quiet the mind.

As you practice restorative yoga, you will begin to develop a deep awareness of your mind and body. You will learn to observe the mind and the body through the gentle practice that restores health as well. As you grow in the restorative practice you will be able to move your body in more productive and efficient ways.

If you are like most people, you lead a very busy life. Restorative yoga will help to restore balance in your life that is lost from being overly busy. The society around you demands a constant up-tempo pace that leaves little room to stop and take time to tune into your body and mind. The up-tempo life style also leads to only practicing exercise programs that are fast and require a lot of energy.

With all of the up-tempo, fast paced life, balance is lost and people become exhausted and frustrated. A restorative yoga practice will help you to restore the balance you need. As you slow down and take time to practice you will discover your body and mind again, and learn to not be a slave to the demands of the body or subject to every whim of the mind.

A restorative yoga practice allows your nervous system to relax and renew. As you continue to take part in a restorative yoga practice your body and mind will regenerate itself because you will learn to stop overexerting. Taking time to be still in each posture and listen to what is happening inside of your body.

If you do not allow the body time to rest and renew, you are compounding the problem and will eventually crash. Some sort of disease will come along or an injury will force you to stop. A restorative yoga practice will help you to restore the balance that is lost in the fast paced society. If you have not started a restorative yoga practice, please take the time to find a local yoga studio where there is a gentle or restorative yoga instructor. You will thank yourself for the rest of your life.