Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Create a Shared Vision

To grow your organization no matter the type of business, creating a shared vision is potentially the most important factor for success. One of the fundamental factors that distinguishes leaders from non-leaders is promoting and sharing a vision. Taking a look ahead and promoting the vision for your business will help to ensure business success. The answers and the vision cannot be just from the leader. A vision must be shared by the organization for real success to happen. When the leader reaches out and empowers his team to share and create the vision for the future, for the business, then success will happen.

When the team sees the vision as something they own, they will take pride in building the vision and creating a future for the business. The leader, the business, and the team all benefit from sharing a vision for the future. When each team member sees their personal vision as part of the organizations success story greatness will happen. Each person in the organization should be part of building the vision, creating ownership of the process and the vision. 

One of the great joys in life is seeing a vision come to fruition. For both the leader and the team members the completion of a vision is a beautiful process and will help the organization and business to be successful for years to come. When each individual sees their vision aligned with the organization, commitment and enthusiasm will be generated in abundance. In turn maximum benefits are created for the whole organization. Each person has a part in the success story and will take pride in what the organization is building. As a leader the greatest thing you can do is to help the individuals in the organization align their vision with the organizations vision.