Friday, September 12, 2014

Microscopic Healers

Essential oils are the most powerful substance a plant produces. Plants create essential oils to promote health and safety. When a plant has a predator, is injured or feels under threat essential oils are produced. They are the health and well-being agent for all plants on Earth. Not all essential oils on the market are equal. They might not be created from plants, they are man made. They might be diluted and of lesser quality. When buying essential oils, read the label, make sure what you are getting is pure therapeutic and medicinal grade essential oil.

Since you will be using the essential oil on your body, taking them internally, or inhaling the oil. Knowing what is in the essential oil you are purchasing is very important. If the label says you cannot take an essential oil internally or put on your skin do not buy it. All of Young Livings essential oils can be used almost anyway you can think of. They can be taken internally, inhaled, and put on the skin. If you do not know where to put an essential oil start with the feet, arms or on the neck. 

Oils can be applied as often as every 10 to 20 minutes. Depending on the problem application in 15 minute incriminates will keep the level of essential oils very high in the blood. Keeping the level of essential oil high in the blood will promote healing at a faster pace. Always do your research and find out the best method for using essential oils if you are able but any essential oil is better than none. Use what you have on hand if you do not have the specific oils for a condition. Amazing things will happen when you make essential oils a part of your life.