Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Like anyone I do not like to be disappointed. The feeling is not pleasant and can lead to any number of other  uncomfortable feelings and emotions. Disappointment can lead to anger, hurt, and sadness. Learning to not attach an outcome to any giving action or situation is one of the best ways to leave disappointment behind forever. The problem is how do I learn to not attach an outcome to my thoughts and actions?

Learning to bounce back and let the disappointment go is key. When I realize I have attached an outcome to an event or action I have taken, I try and clear my mind of any desire for a specific out come and say to myself let what will be, be. I still have not been one hundred percent successful, I am human after all. Learning non attachment has helped me to limit my times of disappointment.

The other problem with disappointment is looking back. I want my focus to be on the road ahead and when I let disappointment drag me down and think about what could have been. I am using my precious life energy on something that I had dreamed up but is not real. I might have placed an expectation for a great outcome to an event to only be disappointed. Then I spend time thinking about what could have been. Letting go, not looking back will also help to keep disappointment to a minimum. Look at the road ahead, focus your energy on the present moment and disappointment will disappear.