Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Change Energy for New Direction

Shivalinga is an energy changing mudra. To do the mudra you place your right hand with thumb extended upwards in the palm of the left hand. The right hand is a symbol of masculine force that encompass the destructive and informational aspects of life. Life is all about cycles. The seasons cycle one after the other, the flower must die to produce fruit and our bodies must replace dead cells to continue to thrive. Without the process of destruction and renewal life would not be possible.

Use the mudra to transform any dynamic you are ready to change. If you have depression, dissatisfaction, laziness, or any process that you might need to be transformed or eliminated from your life use Shivalinga a couple of times a day for up to five minutes each time. Shivalinga is very helpful in the healing process and should be used whenever you encounter a difficult situation where there needs to be more verve in your life.

To help you reach your full potential or rebirth something in your life, imagine your left hand is a mortar and your right hand a pestle. As you move your right hand in your left imagine you are grinding into dust the old energy you that no longer servers you. Then watch as the wind catches the dust of the old energy and blows the it off into the world to be transformed into new more vital and productive process. You hold the key to change. Allow Shivalinga mudra to be a helper in your change process.