Thursday, July 17, 2014

Essential Healing Power

All of us want to be healed from wounds and traumas that have happened to us in the past and meditation can be a essential tool for all of us to use to promote healing. In meditation we learn to accept what has happened to us in the past and allow deep healing to take place at the root of the wound so we can stop nourishing the head of the wound and keeping the trauma alive and festering. Another tool for deep healing is essential oils.

Essential oils are also another vital tool to use when looking to promote deep emotional healing in our bodies and minds. The Young Living oils are the best available because they are all created at the therapeutic and medicinal grade level. Each of the oils is made with the intention of promoting healing and restoration to the body, mind and soul. Applying the oils daily along with meditation can and will promote deep healing. Raindrop Therapy also enables healing.

Another tool highly recommended for deep healing is Raindrop Therapy. Each session uses nine essential oils that can be tailored to the trauma or wound in need of healing. The oils will go deep into the central nervous system clearing out any blockages and resetting the cells to normal vibration levels  Find a Raindrop Therapy practitioner and book a session today, amazing healing will take place. Book a Raindrop Therapy session with me call, 210-542-8672.