Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Essential Oil a Bottle Full of Joy

I know I can always use more joy in my life. Thankfully Young Living has created an essential oil that helps everyone to have more joy in their life. Not only will essential oil of Joy help to uplift and lighten your mood but the oil of Joy will also help with grief, depression, and many other emotional feelings and memories. Many ladies like to wear oil of Joy as a perfume because of the alluring and beautiful fragrance the oil has.

Oil of Joy is not just for humans, pets and other animals can benefit from the essential oil. A pet that is sluggish and does not seem to have any energy can be invigorated with a drop of oil of Joy on the head, along with an inhalation or two of the oil. Be careful, your pet might end up with more energy than you expect. Oil of Joy is a powerful essential oil that will help almost any person or animal to improve their mood and energy level. Oil of Joy has strong effects on the central nervous system that calm and balance the body. 

Some of the documented benefits of using oil of Joy are healing from abuse, acceptance, less agitation, anger, anxiety, apathy, and being less argumentative. The oil should also be used for encouragement, despair, despondency, disappointment, to cleanse the aura, to help with emotional pain of cancer, jealousy, Lyme disease, mood swings, improved libido and impotence for ladies. There are many more uses for the oil of Joy. If you do not have any oil of Joy, please visit and use member #1419115 to order a bottle today. Start your healing journey into joy.