Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Courage in a bottle, it really does exist.

One of my favorite Young Living oil blends is Valor. If you struggle with anxiety, depression and/or panic attacks then Valor is essential for you. Valor builds confidence and enhances your ability to overcome any problem or obstacle you might be encountering in your life. As the name implies when you use Valor you will be ready to go out and take on the world. Anytime you are lacking in confidence apply a drop or two of Valor to your wrist and go out boldly to take on the world. There are many other benefits to using Valor on a daily basis.

If you or someone you know snores at night place a drop of Valor on each big toe before bed and the snoring will quickly abate. When you go to see a chiropractor drop one or two drops of Valor on the neck before your session and you will have an even better adjustment. Valor has been called a chiropractor in a bottle and is just one of the many reasons every Raindrop therapy session starts and finishes with Valor. The uses for Valor are almost endless.  

Valor also helps you to focus and improves your mood so you can be more confident in anything you are doing. If you feel like you might have the start of a tension headache, take a drop or two of Valor and rub the oil on the location where the tension is coming from and you will ward of the headache. For arthritis relief you can place a drop or two of  Valor right on the joints and the pain will subside, increasing range of motion. Too reduce or even eliminate the symptoms of TMJ use Valor along the jaw line at least twice a day. There are many more uses for Valor only a few have been mentioned here. Please share your own experiences with Valor in the comments section of the blog. Your testimonials are wonderful to hear and build confidence for everyone.