Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Swimming with the FIshes.

Fish pose is a wonderful pose to start a closing sequence in yoga and can be done with the legs in lotus or with the legs extended. To get into the pose you will need to lift your torso with your elbows and let your head fall back until the crown touches the mat or floor. Once you are in the pose just let your body fully enjoy the benefits by taking several deep breaths. Inhaling from the pelvic floor all the way up to the collarbone.

Some of the wonderful health benefits received from practicing fish pose on a regular basis are, the deep hip flexors and intercostals are stretched. The pose also helps to relive any tension in the neck, throat, and shoulders. The pose will also help to improve your posture, relieve stress, stimulate the organs of your digestive track and throat. Almost everyone should be able to practice the modified version of Fish Pose with very little difficulty and many great benefits.

Remember when entering into Fish Pose, support your weight with your forearms and elbows as you lower your head to the mat or floor. If you are a beginner you might only be able to rest your shoulder blades on the floor because they have not developed enough arch in their back yet but the arch will come with practice. Remember to keep the legs active while in the pose and to engage the internal locks or banda's to get maximum benefit from the pose. Now go out there and swim with the fishes.